Friday, 25 June 2010

Miss Mismatch

At 7am after hours of tossing and turning I finally got out of bed! I had barely slept thanks to this allergy called hay fever! I have tried everything, eye drops; nasal sprays, even lining my nose with Vaseline. Sounds grim I know but what’s a girl to do?! Especially on a sunny Saturday morning

In my last post I mentioned that I was going through a healthy eating/lifestyle phase! Thankfully it’s now a major part of my life believe it or not. And  in order to keep the momentum going I started running. I set myself daily and weekly targets; and work extremely hard to achieve them!

My Pedometer & new best friend!

FACT: 30,000 steps a day means you burn 1,500 calories in one day. Ditch the car more often and walk or run!

Good running shoes are required if you plan to start, below is the pair I got for myself not very glam, but it does the job.

One of many excuses not to run has been the "bad weather"  although the weather was awesome that day I certainly had no intentions of running mainly because the pollen count seemed to be increasing by the minute so I opted to take a long stroll in the afternoon.

That afternoon I walked to the underground tube station (Subway), and got on the train with the intention of getting off two stops away, then walking back home.

I sat down and before I could even start thinking of where to get off, I spotted her! There she was, sitting with a big smile on her face, chatting away with her friend/boyfriend/brother (not sure who he was). I tried hard not to stare at her in shock with my mouth open but I just couldn't help myself.
Talk about a mismatch fashion faux pas! OMG! Close your eyes and let me paint the picture!

An A-line pink chiffon floral dress, ( with green, yellow and pink floral prints) frills at the hemline. It reminded me of the type of dresses that our grandmothers stopped wearing after high school (I have seen pictures).

Dear readers please do not call or even think of  her esemble as a vintage piece! This dress lacked elegance!
Vintage is copied from its use in wine terminology, as a more elegant-seeming euphemism for "old" clothes. –Wikipedia

As if that wasn't bad enough, her skin-coloured tights were torn! I don’t think she knew it was and i was too scared to tell her. Miss mismatch had on on a beige blazer (it was a nasty shade of beige) which I personally think should be binned! Gold peep toe sandals, a white and black clutch bag and too much kabuki make up! Okay I have over exaggerated the makeup part, but she looked a hot mess! Fashion police hand her 50points and a free pass to see a personal image consultant at Enmarcha!

Colour clashing is fun and looks great when the right shades are put together, but it can also look tacky. Wearing one shade of beige from head to toe is way to mediocre and boring!  It’s okay to swtich things up to make an outfit look great but there’s a limit. A plain red play suit with a bright yellow belt and yellow flats works well. However her ensemble was all wrong! I find my self digressing alot, so am goning to go back to story.

Four stops later and she got off the train; I hope she doesn’t ruin the wedding pictures. I forgot to mention she was heading to a wedding.

I stayed on and typed away as I didn’t want to forget any of the details, I mean how one can forget a nigtmare. I had to capture all my thoughts while the image was still fresh in my mind but as we got closer to my destination, three ladies walked into the train and they made Miss mismatch look like a runway model. It was a mixture of badly sewn weaves, market stall clothes; and a hint of BO!

Ladies please believe me when I say weaves aren't meant for everyone. I know we can all afford to go crazy with the Brazilian, Aunty Funmi, Remi, Malaysian hair, etc.  Please find a good stylist. Weaves are supposed to blend in with your natural hair and look natural! Hide your tracks; don’t put them on display for the world to see; it’s just tacky! Most women I know take time out to ensure their hair looks good. Even when they are having a so called bad hair day they still look fabulous! Some people definitely do require help.

Ladies if you have weddings to attend please remember certain hairstyles, clothes and colours should be avoided! If in doubt get someone else’s opinion. Just because a particular dress fits Miss A, doesn’t mean Miss B will look good in it too. It isn't rocket science and we all know that, so do yourself a favour and ask somebody!
In the words of "Coco Chanel" a woman should be two things "Classy & Fabulous". Please don’t be a Miss Mismatch.

A Few Fab ideas..

FollyKay's Fab Picks

The Coast Samba dress, for a classy & sophisticated look.I highly recommend this piece.
Was £150 Now £75

This Notte by Marchesa's bow-embellished cobalt-blue silk-chiffon gown speaks for itself! it is a breathtaking choice for your next big event.  Also is available in black. FollyKay's Favourite.

The One shoulder trend is big this season & are a must-have for the spring and summer seasons
Blake Lively looked stunnin in this Marchesa fall 2010 peacock draped chiffon strapless dress which she wore to the 2010 Met Costume Institute Gala. Compared to the Versace gown she wore last year this Marchesa peacock dress is a showstopper! Thumbs up! FollyKay's Favourite

I think i am officially in love with the Marchesa 2010 Collection. I would love to meet Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, the brains and beauty behind the Elegant brand Marchesa.

I hope by sharing, i have inspired you ladies! if ever in in doubt please contact FollyKay for her honest advise and opinion.

Thank you for all the love, support and comments.