Thursday, 8 July 2010

B-Unique, B-D’vine!

Despite our busy schedule FollyKay managed to catch up with and interview B’dvine! Who is that I hear you say? B’dvine is a talented young lady, who’s always has had a passion for art and has successfully turned her passion and hobby  into a career.

Rules of wealth (ermm) #5: You can make money from your hobby! Whatever your hubby is, painting, talking, driving, walking dogs, designing, singing, playing the piano etc . Find something you’re passionate about, something you enjoy, and find a way to make money from it.

Dear readers,
What’s your definition of success? What does it mean to you and how do you measure success?

I would love to read all your wonderful definitions and opinions and may the lord grant us wisdom to understand and work towards being successful in every aspect life.

Many talk about being successful, but what is success?
I hear it all the time! Some folks want to have a successful career, some want successful relationships; some want successful businesses. But I rarely hear people talk about wanting a successful relationship with God. Many dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it. I believe that before you can become successful you have to understand what it is. In my honest opinion success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.

I want to be successful in every aspect of life! I’ll be damned if I give up every time an obstacle is throw my way trying to prevent me from moving up. I have this quote glued to my PC at work “unless you are willing to drench yourself in your work beyond the capacity of the average man, you are just not cut out for positions at the top”. Then I say to myself, FollyKay doesn’t do mediocre, she aims for the top and she will get to the top! In order to do what you love, you might have to do things you don't love as much, but as you look at the big picture, you'll love them because they're taking you where you want to go. -MCU

In a nutshell B’dvine Enterprises is a professional service and product provider in the UK. They currently specialise in bespoke wedding dresses and provide professional makeup services without the high end price tag. B’dvine recently launched a new line of cosmetics.

60 Sec Interview with the Founder & Director of B'dvine Enterprises

FollyKay – Thank you for taking the time to meet with the Glam squad and congratulations, your one year wedding anniversary is fast approaching.
B'dvine – Thank you for having me, and giving me this opportunity. It’s great to be here! Hard to believe that this time last year I was walking down the Aisle. To God be the Glory!

FollyKay – For those who don’t know, who is B'dvine, and how did u come up with the name?
B'dvine - B'dvine Enterprises is a professional service and product provider within the UK. We specialise in bespoke wedding dresses, cosmetics and professional makeup. At school my best friend came up with a sassy nickname B'dvine. B short for Bola and divine was just a name which she saw fit due to my character and virtue.

FollyKay - How and when did you start out in fashion design and bridal wear?
B'dvine - November 2008 to be precise! I had the gut feeling my boyfriend at the time was going to propose, so I started searching for the perfect dress. After sourcing through the internet, making contacts with bridal companies, attending bridal shows I was able to network and build a portfolio of contacts for myself. I can be very picky, and I knew if my boyfriend proposed the only thing that could stop us from getting married within a short space of time was my indecisiveness! So I decided to design my own dress. I didn't have the patience to try on many dresses and I am very in tune with my body shape, so I designed something that suited my figure. When my dress arrived I was overwhelmed with joy, from a mere sketch to this beautiful piece that was my inspiration! From there I figured I wanted to create bespoke dresses, for every bride at a reasonable price.

FollyKay - What’s your bridal wear signature style?
B'dvine - My Bridal wear signature style is contemporary with a twist of the clients taste or idea. We offer bespoke dresses, so it’s solely based on what client wants.

FollyKay - What and who motivated you to create the brand?
B'dvine - This may sound funny, but my husband motivated me a lot, he pushed and pushed and even showed me how to create a website. I would sit for hours in a day putting together the website. There are so many aspects of designing and although I liked drawing and sketching but I had to learn to sketch as a fashion designer. I knew I wasn't going to be Picasso or Banksy, but I motivated myself. God has also been my most determined motivator, he created an avenue and I walked through it.

FollyKay - What motivates you when it comes to designing? Where do you seek your inspiration/what inspires you?
B'dvine - When designing I look at the current trends, but most importantly I listen to clients requirements when they come and see me after all my aim is to please them. B'dvine is all about taking the idea from your head and putting it on paper, it’s about making your dream dress a reality. I have also been to a few fashion shows, and I get inspired by what I see on the runway. Fashion shows premiere the next season’s collections/Trends so I get to see what's out there and what will be out in the following season.

FollyKay - Can you provide a retail price guide for your bridal wear?
B'dvine - trying not to sound too technical it all depends on the requirements, Prices range from about £250 - £1500 or more for a wedding dress. Bridesmaid dresses range from £80-£200 or more again depending on the requirements.

FollyKay – You participated in the mahogany bridal show, how did that go and what did you learn from the show?
B'dvine – The Mahogany Bridal Show was fantastic; I mean it’s a great platform for anyone looking to get into the industry. I enjoyed myself, the models were great to work with and I tell you now, my collection was well spoken of! I connected with so many people, and built great networks. I met some really great people in the industry and would definitely participate in something similar or bigger in the future so watch this space.

FollyKay – Where can we see samples of your work and how can people contact you?
B'dvine – Visit the website


FollyKay – Once again thank you for your time.
B'dvine – Thank you FollyKay and remember B-u2 da ful, B-unique, B'dvine!!

For more information or to book a consultation please visit our website

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Think of Wealth & Become Wealthy

Good morning,
Firstly I want to use this opportunity to apologise for not posting a blog last week. To all who sent emails complaining, accept my sincere apology. So today, like every other day it’s all about inspiring you after all that’s one on the reasons I created this blog.

Someone asked me after my first post, (I don’t know if she was being cynical), did you create the blog out of boredom? If you asked FollyKay that question 5 years ago her answer would have been served with hot sauce intending to burn you. My response: When am bored I cook and shop! Writing is therapeutic and for all those who know me well it has always been a hobby, no a gift bestowed from God. (As always am digressing)

Without aspirations for a better existence you are going nowhere! Wake up! Get out of bed and do something extraordinary today towards achieving your goals!You can walk through, jump over and break down any obstacle in your way.
My motto: "Aspire to inspire before you expire"!
I don’t believe in magic, but I do believe that God helps those who help themselves! So stop procrastinating get up, get dressed and move!!
Firstly set goals- Realistic and achievable goals! Who am I kidding set yourself unrealistic goals too, just make sure you work extra hard to achieve them.

Do not be content with mediocre jobs, life, and people. Aim for the highest and work towards achieving it! Life is too short and time is money! It goes by so fast, we cannot control it, and unlike sky-plus we can’t pause, fast-forward or rewind it. Make the most of every second and make it worthwhile.
To succeed in anything in life you need a vision. if you cant see the forest through the trees, you need to chop them mother f***ers down - Diddy

FollyKay's Empire... What?! First rule of Wealth, Think Wealthy! Am just practising what i've learnt.
Have a blessed day all